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Hi, I'm Cindy Woodham !

I've been a piano teacher for over 30 years. I have taught children from age 5 to adults age 55.

I am currently accepting students of all ages and levels for piano lessons in Birmingham, Alabama and the surrounding areas. Please take a few minutes to read about me and the piano lessons I offer. You may also want to visit my other site, Birmingham Piano Teacher, to see some of my student's piano performances.

Unique to my teaching is the use of Multi-Sensory Techniques. This causes neurons to connect in all the parts of the brain at the same time opening the door to the brain for learning to take place and be remembered! I also emphasize the learning of chords and discovering them in the music we play!

What I do

I LOVE TEACHING PIANO! Having a part in a person’s life is an honor and I value their trust in my teaching. I have included some testimonials to let you see for yourself what some of my students have to say!

How I do it

My goal in teaching is to teach the rudiments of playing the piano, music theory, form, ear-training and rhythm using music from the classics, but also allowing the student to choose other songs he would like to play. See the lessons section for more.

About me

I have taught children as young as 5 years old and adults as old as 55. There are certainly differences, but when they can play a song they recognize, their eyes light up and the joy they experience is my satisfaction!




Students must commit to a full semester of lessons. Students are expected to attend each lesson & arrive a few minutes early. Late arrivals will only be given the time allotted for that lesson.

Missed Lessons

It is the student’s responsibility to contact me if a lesson must be missed. You may also call the Arts Academy if I cannot be reached. Make-up lessons will only be granted for an excused absence in which I am notified at least 6 hours in advance. An excused absence would include student illness, extreme emergency, or death in the family. An unexcused absence would include homework, athletic events, school activities, or birthday parties. In the event that you will be late for a lesson, please call. After 15 minutes I will assume that you will not be coming. One make-up lesson per semester will be granted.


Payment for the entire semester is expected on the first lesson of the semester. Alternate payment plans may be available. A discount of a free lesson is given to a student who refers another student to my studio. Students my enroll at any time during the semester. Tuition will be pro-rated for the remainder of the term. A Registration Fee of $25 is to be paid by each student at the beginning of each year.


Students are strongly encouraged to participate in year end recitals by playing a piece chosen well ahead of time from memory. The choice of the piece to be played is jointly decided upon allowing the student to give input in playing the piece of his choosing.


Theory Classes are held on Friday afternoons every other week on the elementary and intermediate levels. Each 45 min. class consists of games, work with musical manipulatives and fast paced challenges. Note reading, interval card games, musical vocabulary, rhythm bingo, and musical form are some of the topics we will cover. Utilizing competition in fun and rewarding ways makes learning these concepts so much fun! We will also work on ear training and chord recognition. It will be a class that the students won’t want to miss!

Master Classes are times that we can practice playing for each other especially when the recital time nears! It is also a time when the students have an opportunity to share with their fellow students one newly learned aspect of their piece. This gives them confidence to share their knowledge with each other!

Also be sure to check out BeAComposer.com if you would like to learn about composing your own songs. Be a Composer is a new class that I'm offering that will allow you to learn how a song is put together, the basics of chords and their structure, and how melodies move to fit together with the chords! It’s simple and you will complete the course with a song sheet of your very own composition to take home. You might even want to frame it! This is your chance to Be A Composer!

Be A Composeris way different than piano lessons. We discover the sounds that we like and then learn how to put those sounds with the right chords. This is so cool and fun! I never thought that I could actually write a song!

About me

Music should be FUN! To learn to play the piano does take cognitive skills, no doubt, but how they are introduced and the environment in which they are taught can certainly be in a fun and enthusiastic one. Students learn best when they are not under stress and feel safe even if a mistake is made.

Cindy WoodhamBy making use of all of the senses, the neurons in the brain connect from the different parts and when this connection is made, new learning takes place! This Multi-Sensory approach is used in teaching children with dyslexia how to read and it also works in teaching note reading and rhythm.

I love getting to know my students and their own special uniqueness! My desire is to encourage them to become all that they can be including playing the piano well, either for their own enjoyment or for the benefit of others (jazz band, competitions or accompanying in church). Above everything, I desire to encase who I am, including my teaching, in bringing Glory to God. To please Him is my greatest delight. Having a part in a student’s life and development is certainly an honor and one that I hold in high esteem. When a person can praise God through music, there is joy and peace that is hard to describe.

I have taught children as young as 5 years old and adults as old as 55. There are certainly differences, but when they can play a song they recognize, their eyes light up and the joy they experience is my satisfaction!

I continually strive to learn new teaching techniques and methodologies by attending master classes. One such class was with the renowned pianist, Jim Brickman at Forbes Music. I have also expanded my computer knowledge by learning Garage Band, a program that allows me to compose on the piano and prints on the music staff. I love learning new ways to express my creativity!


Mississippi University for Women:
Bachelor of Music Education
Emphasis: Piano

Florida State University:
Master’s of Music Education
Emphasis: Piano & Choral Conducting

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary:
Master’s of Religious Education

Tennessee Academy of Fine Arts :
Orff Certification

Orton-Gillingham Multi-Sensory Dyslexia Training

English as a Second Language Certificate

Literacy Certification



Samford Preparatory School, Arts Music Shop, Hunter Street Arts Academy, Home:
30+ years Private Piano Instructor

Homewood High School
2 years Class Piano Instructor

Stuart, OK; Murfreesboro, TN; Homewood, AL, & Shelby County, AL
8 years Public School Music Teacher

First Baptist Church, Stuart, OK
Minister of Music


This section of my site contains testimonials, from the parents of some of my students.

Would you like to see videos?

Click here to see videos of some of my students talking about their experiences learning piano.

Click here to see videos of some of my students performing.



Thank you so much for a great first year of piano! I appreciate your taking the time to meet my daughter’s learning styles best. We are impressed with how much she’s learned this year.

A proud mom

Thank you very much for being such a wonderful inspiration to L. She truly loves spending time learning from you (in more ways than just piano!).

Mom of 4th year student

Thanks for your time! effort! and great energy! You’ve really made an enormous positive difference! Thank you so much for another great year! You are such a positive influence in our lives and P. just adores you!

Parent of 5th year student


If you would like to arrange a time for lessons, or have any questions about my services, please fill in the form and I'll get back to you within 24 hours. Thanks!

Contact information

Feel free to contact us for any of your projects, we’ll gat back to you as soon as possible !

Cindy Woodham
Birmingham, Alabama

Phone : 205 533 3036

Email : pianonotes4me@gmail.com